Faisal Alothainah

Formerly the Youngest Professional Columnist in Kuwait

For author Faisal Alothainah, the hero’s journey begins off the page long before it manifests into a work of fiction. Deep within every heart lies a trove of hidden secrets, dangerous dreams, limiting beliefs, and endless potential. It is the storyteller’s job to peel back those layers, one revelation at a time, until we finally grasp the truth that connects us all.

This search for wisdom has guided Faisal from his earliest days. As an underachieving teenager he spent much of his time lost in virtual gaming worlds, until a flash of enlightenment led him to see life through a new lens at age fifteen. From apathetic to inspired, he began attending courses, seminars, and workshops to discover his full potential and form intense connections with others intellectually and emotionally. Initially, Faisal found his community on a social network, where his commentary on politics and culture garnered tens of thousands of followers. He would soon after attract national attention as the youngest professional columnist in Kuwait.

Faisal’s writing trajectory might have been steep, but it has also been far from easy. While studying on a scholarship in the US, he withdrew from his engineering degree program. He gave himself the gift of a sabbatical year, leaving behind worldly distractions to explore the depths of introspection. When he emerged from his figurative chrysalis, mentally and spiritually transformed, he stepped into a new existence of joy, love, and inner peace. This led to the birth of his debut fantasy novel, “Joseph and the Seven Swords”.

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Who is Faisal?

& What is Joetagonist?

Faisal is a senior university student studying finance in an undergraduate program. His interests include politics, economics, leadership, innovation, consciousness, & cultural exchange.

Faisal has been a writer & journalist since he was fifteen (15) years old, and was honored to be the youngest writer & journalist in Kuwait through Student-Talk Magazine, and he appeared on their cover.

Faisal was furthermore honored to be the youngest reporter in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) Gulf Summit, a regional inter-governmental political and economic union consisting of all Arab states of the Arabian Gulf.

Finally, Faisal represented Kuwaiti youth as a delegate in workshops about youth and public policy, and he volunteered with many NGO's.