December 3, 2020

11/11/2020 .. Will Joseph discover what destiny has in store for him? Will he muster the strength to embrace his fate? Or will he succumb to the power of an evil tyrant? Follow Joseph on his incredible journey and discover an epic tale of truth and self- actualization. Enjoy the unique setting of this story…

October 9, 2020

“Joseph and the Seven Swords” is now available on in eBook format, and, in paperback and eBook formats on This new and exciting title from author, Faisal Alothainah is also available in a dyslexic-friendly format!

October 9, 2020

Faisal is a senior university student studying finance in undergraduate program. Faisal’s Interests: Politics, Economics, Leadership, Innovation, Consciousness, and Cultural Exchange.  Faisal has also been a Writer & Journalist since he was fifteen (15) years old, and he was honored to be the youngest writer & journalist in Kuwait through Student-Talk Magazine, and he appeared…

October 9, 2020

Faisal Alothainah’s writing trajectory might have been steep, but it has also been far from easy. While studying on a scholarship in the US, he withdrew from his engineering degree program. He gave himself the gift of a sabbatical year, leaving behind worldly distractions to explore the depths of introspection. When he emerged from his…

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Joseph and the Seven Swords