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One day, one of us will be a scientist, an artist, a doctor, or a policymaker…

One day, one of us will make a positive impact on this earth…

One day, one of us will make a difference in the world…

The current generation was born in an era of technology, mass communication, and social distance. Although the world is becoming more and more technologically sophisticated, we are beginning to distance ourselves from what makes us fundamentally human. As humans, we are still forgetful, emotional, and take the path of least resistance. Technology is managing to profit from these human traits. We have created many tools meant to make life better, but there are underlying consequences to this new relationship with technology.

Technology and social networks are what is mostly driving consumerism in modern society. This is not the kind of consumerism of times past.  This is a narrowing of culture. As we all become exposed to the same information, we all begin to want the same items, the same things, and the same objects.  In fact, the narrower the scope our consumeristic desires become, the more our freedom of choice is devalued. We all want the same thing because we are sold to want it, does this choice matter? I would say it does.

As a society, we are drawn to chase short-term reward rather than long term goals. The result is, we sacrifice our dreams and our destiny for instant gratification. If we want to make our dreams a reality, we need to shift our attention to ourselves, to our own self-discovery. Technology is only a distraction from the work of making our lives bigger and better.  

I do believe that each of us has a purpose and a message in our soul. All we need is a little spark of inspiration to bring it out. We need a good story to inspire us. When people have heard a story of someone who has started their life from the ground up, it might motivate them to keep going on their dream. If someone could do it, then maybe just maybe you can too. What about giving the world a story that would help them to discover their life’s purpose. With a story like that in hand, what could the next generation become?  

I do believe that we are lucky to live in an era so full of knowledge. But perhaps it’s too much knowledge? We now know that what is needed is not just more knowledge, but also more experience. As Winston Churchill famously said, “those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.”

It is only the accumulation of human experiences that make us all better people. This is the driving force behind this book. It is what compels me to share my experiences with my generation. If each of us shared his/her experiences in life, I believe that humanity would evolve in ways that better serve the common good. This sharing of knowledge leads us to self-discovery. I have made many mistakes in life, and I don’t wish others to repeat them. I imagine that you, too, may have made mistakes in your life that you do not wish for me to repeat. Sharing our common experiences helps make this possible.

I embarked upon my own journey of self-discovery at the young age of eleven. I have always encountered teachers, tutors, and coaches everywhere I go. I seek out knowledge, original ideas, and a new approach to life. This is what made me travel the world in search of my own life philosophy. What I seek is the truth. I am aware that no one person can hold the ultimate truth, but I am on a path of discovery. I am in search of my own truth, my own purpose, and my own philosophy Inshallah ( In Arabic means: God willing ). Amazingly despite years of searching, it was in the process of writing this novel that I began to know myself at an even deeper level than ever before. In fact, I got to know myself better than thru ten years of attending seminars, courses, workshops, or even Ted-talks! I discovered one thing. To discover yourself is to return to yourself.

The main character in the book Joseph appeared to me in my mind’s eye, and I decided to follow him to see where we would go together. The deeper I went, the more mystery I revealed about myself. The deeper I went, the more I saw the things that were just beneath the surface. Until joseph showed me the way, I was unaware of these hidden secrets. It is at moments like this that you can either deny or embrace what you learn about yourself. If you choose to embrace what you find, you might just discover your true inner self.

What you will read in this book are words that I sourced from the heart. Walking into the unknown is a terrifying thing, but why do we so often avoid the unknown? Are we scared to go into the shadows of ourselves? The mind is a powerful force. If you have this strength mind, you can stay in prison for 30 years and feel happy, go off to distant lands, and feel at home. In contrast, if you have yet to discover this power, you may enter a place full of people and feel totally alone or go only to your friend’s house and feel homesick. My hope is that this book will take you on a journey of your own self-discovery.

I never thought that one day I would publish a novel. To be honest, I had no idea, but I decided to give it a shot. Day by day, the story began to unfold until Joseph met the seven warriors. During the writing of the story, questions began to unfold in my mind that needed answering. But by the end of the tale, my questions had fundamentally changed. Why do we fear the future? Why do we not surrender ourselves to the calling? People sometimes don’t like the idea that we cannot control our fate, but the question needs to be asked, have you discovered your fate? You may never know what your fate is, but I genuinely believe that sometimes there will be some clues along the way that will help you to understand your higher purpose in this life.

What I hope is that my message will be heard, known, read, and understood throughout humanity.

This is me, and I am Faisal Alothainah!

Faisal Alothainah

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